With the current global emphasis on environmental sustainability, there is a keen interest in developing polymers and related technologies that are eco-friendly and sustainable. In this regard, significant research efforts are being undertaken across the world and sustainable polymer-based research is rapidly emerging as a field with considerable promise and potential.

ASP-23 is the 6th international symposium of the ASP series following ASP-19 (Kyoto, Japan), ASP-17 (Guwahati, India), ASP-16 (Kyoto, Japan), ASP-15 (Guwahati, India), and ASP-14 (Guwahati, India). The conference series was interrupted by Covid-19 leaving several of the bilateral and multilateral discussions happening online during the last few years. This year, as in the previous conferences, ASP-23 is aimed at providing a platform for researchers to share recent state-of-the-art advances in the area of sustainable polymers. The symposium includes keynote and invited lectures on recent advances in several aspects of sustainable-polymer-based technologies. several aspects of sustainable polymers such as biopolymer extraction, synthesis, characterization, processing, rheology, nanocomposites and applications. There will be a special session dedicated to the extraction, processing and applications of rare earth elements and their composites with polymers.