NPI has scientific contacts with the researchers and educationists in the related field across the globe in more than 50 countries through POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials, the IUPAC and the alumni of the institute. Dozens of young materials scientists and students have enjoyed research stays in foreign laboratories through the recommendation of the NPI.

Youth involvement is the core of the NPI. In patronage of senior members, young NPI members and affiliates have established following landmarks in Nepal which is continuing to grow.

Objectives of NPI

The Nepal Polymer Institute is striving to accomplish the following objectives:

 serve the nation as a nonprofit organization working for the overall   welfare of society

 establish and enhance education and research activities in chemistry, chemical technologies, and interdisciplinary areas of science and technology

foster research in cutting-edge areas of materials science and engineering, with a particular focus on polymers, the environment, plastics based on renewable resources, and nanotechnology

 establish research initiatives and forums in the field of biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, tissue engineering, and nanomedicine

 catalyze cooperation and coordination among different sectors (academia, industry, and the private sectors) in Nepal to promote    research and education in science and engineering

 encourage young scientists and students in related research fields by organizing workshops, congresses, and symposia; establishing funds   for research laboratories, and for scholarships for researchers, and 

 disseminate the scientific information among members and other audience through   publication of newsletters, bulletins, and journals.