Winners under the category of Chemical and Environmental science (CES)

1. Gold Medalists
Student 1 – Asheesh Jha 
Student 2 – Saurya Shrestha
Mentor – Birendra Kumar Jha
School – Nightingale International Secondary School, Lalitpur
Project title “The Incineration of Plastic and Treatment of Resultant Noxious Gases and Persistent Organic Pollutants”
2. Silver medalists
Student 1 – Sampada Poudel
Student 2 – Sujata Bhandari
Mentor – Surat Kumar Puri
School – Kathmandu College of Central State, Kathmandu
Project title “Earthquake alarming device” 
3. Bronze Medalists
Student 1 – Asmita Tamang
Student 2 – Binusha Silwal 
Mentor – Manish Man Shrestha
School – Laboratory Secondary School, Kathmandu
Project title “Terrace gardening: an amazing solution for organic farming in urban cities using kitchen waste”