The Nepal Polymer Institute (NPI) is dedicated to advancing science, technology, and innovation in Nepal, with a primary focus on advanced materials synthesis and applications. Despite its name, the institute’s mission spans a wide spectrum of disciplines, including chemical, physical, and biological sciences, as well as engineering. With around 40 scientists directly associated with the institute and strong ties to the national chemistry community, NPI has made significant strides in enhancing Nepal’s scientific landscape. Notably, NPI gained international recognition by becoming the 61st National Adhering Organization (NAO) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) in 2013, facilitating engagement between Nepalese chemists and the global chemistry community. The institute aspires to establish an international advanced materials center driven by the contributions of young scientists and has actively promoted collaboration among materials scientists through events like the Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials (KaSAM), which foster cross-linking of scientific knowledge and virtues.

In summary, the Nepal Polymer Institute is a pioneering research institution in Nepal, championing scientific progress and innovation, particularly in advanced materials. Despite its specialization in polymer science, the institute’s impact spans diverse scientific domains. Through its IUPAC affiliation and initiatives like KaSAM conferences, NPI is playing a pivotal role in connecting Nepalese scientists with global networks, while also nurturing the next generation of researchers and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

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About Us

Established in 2010 through the efforts of prominent Nepalese scientist Prof. Dr. Rameshwar Adhikari, the Nepal Polymer Institute (NPI) serves as a pioneering research institution dedicated to diverse dimensions of natural sciences research. Despite challenges inherent to scientific pursuits in Nepal, NPI’s vision revolves around contributing to contemporary scientific trends. With its motto “Cross-Linking Science and Virtues,” NPI aims to strengthen global networks among materials scientists, particularly from South Asian countries, fostering international collaboration. While initially focused on polymer science, NPI has expanded to include areas such as nano science, medicinal chemistry, composite materials, tissue engineering, and biomedicine, reflecting its dedication to advancing education and research in advanced materials technologies. purus nunc, sed semper enim dictum sed donec condimentum sodales sed non vel malesuada morbi arcu justo, pretium sagittis hac nisi amet, fermentum nunc.


Dr. Rameshwar Adhikari

Youth Targeted Programs

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Young Scientists Summit

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Kathmandu Autumn School on Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

Microsymposium on Applied Sciences

Why us


The Nepal Polymer Institute is striving to accomplish the following objectives


Establish and enhance education and research activities in chemistry, chemical technologies, and interdisciplinary areas of science and technology


Promote advanced research in materials science and engineering, emphasizing polymers, environmental studies, renewable-resource-based plastics, and nanotechnology.


Serve the nation as a nonprofit organization working for the overall   welfare of society


Establish research initiatives and forums in the field of biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, tissue engineering, and nanomedicine

Up Coming Events