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In collaboration with different educational and research institutes in Nepal and abroad, NPI has been strongly involved in promotion of research and innovation in the country.

Current focus of the research of the NPI associates lies in the areas of nanotechnology and biomaterials as well as environmentally benign materials. 


The following divisions are emerging as future research priorities of the institute.

     Natural fiber composite and nanocomposites

     Nanostructured resins using polymeric templates

     Hybrid nanomaterials synthesis and applications

     Biomaterials, biomedical materials and tissue engineering

     Green chemistry and environmental chemistry

     Photochemistry and nanomedicine

     Traditional and indigenous technologies

     Science diplomacy and Youth’s participations

So far NPI contributed to 6 PhD. Graduates and currently 5 PhD students are working. NPI is not the authorized body to grant the academic degree, so it has been carried out research in collaboration with following research institutions and universities.
  • Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal
  • Research Centre for Pure and Applied Chemistry (RECAST), Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Martin Luther University, Germany
  • Cologne University, Germany
  • University de Rouen, France
  • IPW
  • IPN
Meet Our


Dr. Netra lal Bhandari

Natural fiber composite

Dr. Rajesh Pandit

Block copolymer/Epoxy Resin

Dr. Shankar Khatiwada

Block copolymer/Epoxy Resin

Dr. Sharmila Pradhan

Polymer Nanocomposite

Mr. Keadar Nath Dhakal

Polymer Nanocomposite

Dr. Jyoti Giri

Cellulose/Tissue Engineering

Dr. Shanta Pokhrel

Green chemistry/ Phytochemistry